What is search engine optimization.

Generally it is known as the process of gaining traffic to your website and increasing the listing rank on search engines.

When considering the best way to optimize your website for search engines. Please keep these few tings in mind. In every instance high quality content will beat out any extra effort to optimize poor content. What is quality content? It is the information that is given to your visitors that accurately points on the subject that was searched for. Low quality content is information that was only created to increase visitor volume like copied material or media that does not fit into the subject of the website. These poor content practices will only increase your websites visitors momentarily. While decreasing the amount of time spent on your website as visitors realize they the information they were ultimately looking for is not contained on your site. Many of our competitors like to list off search engine algorithm names like hummingbird, penguin, or panda and claim that they know how to manipulate the system and can increase any website to the top of all search engines. This is not true ultimately content quality trumps all. All EDI makes sure your best content is positioned properly to gain the most through every search engine.

This most often done through methods as free indexing, editorial content, paid listings, and current popularity.

Free Indexing

Search engines and other sources that gather information from the internet start their search in large information data pools. All EDI makes sure that the time others can find your site will be faster by updating these large data pools with your newest and best content.

Editorial Content

This is more than just writing articles and uploading pictures. The importance of content is how it is added and utilized in your website. Text needs to be formatted and linked accordingly to gain the greatest results from your high quality content. Additionally images and video must be tagged/coded correctly to be found by search engines.

Paid Listing

The most often utilized online paid marketing comes from Google and similar platforms. In these venues payments are made to the third party hosting the add making a small amount every time the add is clicked. When properly set up to gain the greatest cost per click and impression vs click average, pay advertising can increase sales multiple times your investment.

Current Popularity

This would seem to be part magic, as to be popular is an ever changing thing but their are efforts that can be done to increase your websites popularity and gain visitors. All EDI can show you how to keep your website and internet presence fresh and always new to visitors and potential customers.